Arguably the best pasta in town.

Arguably the best pasta in town.

About us

It all started in the early 2000s. We were travelling and had travelled already; we had tasted the authentic Italian food prepared by the local chefs according to the culinary traditions of the region. And somewhere there and then the love story began. We fell in love with the Italian kitchen but it was not a love at first glance.

Before all that we had already tried the Bulgarian take on various Italian dishes and the moment we encountered the originals, was a rude awakening of sorts. There were scarcely any restaurants which could prepare a decent risotto or spaghetti. On the other hand, there were numerous places with Italian inspired menus, with pseudo Italian chefs speculating with the ignorance of the locals.

Generally, the restaurant owners did not want to sell food which the average customer evaluated as too hard to chew, raw, not properly cooked…So al dente was a concept out of this world. The clients having difficulties acknowledging their lack of first-hand experience demonstrated arrogance and even aggression…

And a decision was taken. It was at the beginning of 2004 that we made our minds that we would try to open a restaurant which offers traditional and authentically prepared Italian dishes, with the right staff who would love the job, have desire to learn and be patient enough. The name, it came out of the blue: we were playing upon words and somehow, we matched “pasta” and “restaurant” and got “Pastorant”! It has been 17 years since then, and through thick and thin we are still here. We have changed lots of recipes, we have blundered a lot, we have learnt even more. Nowadays our menus have dishes not only from Italy and its unique regions but also some inspirations from the Mediterranean culinary schools – Spain, Greece, Middle East and so forth. We are determined to keep on striding onwards!